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Membership Types

Types of Membership

Resident Categories

$1,000 per year +$250 application fee
Voting membership
Most Arts Club members hold this type of membership. Full-time Resident members may attend all daytime and evening club-sponsored events. They may serve as committee chairs and as elected officers. They are entitled to use the club’s two guest rooms, and after a full year of membership the rental fee is waived for their private use of the club. Resident members may also take advantage of our reciprocal affiliations with more than 20 other clubs in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

$1,790 per year for two +$250 application fee
Voting membership

Two persons residing in the same household may become joint members. Each is entitled to full-time Resident membership privileges.

$540 per year +$250 application fee
Voting membership

Persons under the age of 35 may become Junior members, and are entitled to all the privileges of Resident membership. On reaching the age of 35, Junior members transition to full-time Resident status.

$550 per year
Nonvoting membership

This category is primarily for individuals who do not anticipate frequent attendance at evening events. They may attend all daytime events, such as lunches, luncheon forums, or brunches; daytime members may attend evening members’ events as the guest of a full-time member. Daytime members may not hold office or vote.

$1,500 annual contribution
Voting membership

Patrons enjoy full membership benefits and are recognized for their support of the club at a higher financial level.

$2,750 per year +$250 application fee
Nonvoting membership

This category is open to organizations (such as educational, cultural, diplomatic, or corporate groups) based in the metropolitan area that wish to take advantage of the club’s daytime activities and facilities. They may also use the club for meetings, and designated members may also attend club dinners.

Nonresident Membership
$300 per year
Nonvoting membership

This category is open to individuals who qualify as artists or sustaining members and meet the geographic criteria described in the club’s bylaws. They are entitled to all the benefits of membership except voting, holding an elective office, or chairing a committee.

Defining Resident and Nonresident Membership
The bylaws of the Arts Club outline the criteria for resident and nonresident membership categories: “Persons qualifying as Artists or Sustaining Members who reside in or have their place of business within the District of Columbia, the Maryland counties of Montgomery, Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, St.Mary’s, Calvert and Charles, the Maryland city of Baltimore, the Virginia cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church,Manassas,Manassas Park, and the Virginia counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William shall be considered for Resident membership. All others shall be considered for Nonresident membership. Nonresident members may not vote or hold elective office, membership on the Board of Governors, or chairmanship of any Committee.”

Note: Individuals who qualify as nonresidents by these criteria may receive full resident benefits (including voting privileges) by applying in a Resident category at the applicable fee.

Membership Categories
Members can choose an affiliation with one or more specific arts disciplines that reflect their background, profession, or cultural interests (see the application for categories.) Alternatively, they may join as Sustaining members; this is a general category for persons who enjoy or support the arts. Sustaining members may later apply for affiliation in an artistic area. Regardless of their category, members may join committees and engage in activities focusing on any artistic discipline.

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