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Q. Is it possible to meet with our photographer at the Arts Club before the final walk-through meeting? We would like him/her to preview the Arts Club spaces before our event.

A. Yes. We recommend photographers preview the Arts Club spaces at least one time before your event. Light settings, and other factors, change significantly from room to room. We have meeting spaces for couples and photographers and we will work to accommodate your schedules.

Q. How early does the Arts Club open its doors to the wedding party, florists, and other the vendors the day of our wedding?

A. The Arts Club opens at 10:30 am to family, participants, and vendors the day of a wedding. During your walk-through meeting with our coordinator simply list the vendors and expected arrival times on you day’s itinerary and we will coordinate the rest.

Q. Does the Arts Club have separate rooms for bride/bridesmaids and groom/groomsmen preparation the day of our wedding?

A. Yes. We have wonderful preparation spaces for couples and their wedding party. The Bride’s Room is located on the second floor overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue and offers the best natural light in the house. There is plenty of room for the bridal party to relax and enjoy wedding preparations close to a restroom. The Bride’s Room also features smoked window glass for privacy, a dress rack for hanging garments, and original artwork. There is ample room for the groom and his party to relax and prepare in our Groom’s Room located on the lower level of the Monroe House in a former prohibition era “speak easy”. The spaces are located on opposite sides of the Monroe House ensuring bride and groom do not meet before their big moment.

Q. We want to light a unity candle at our ceremony but see the Arts Club requires all lit candles to be in vases. Would the Arts Club permit a unity candle if it were immediately extinguished at the end of the ceremony?

A. Yes. Unity Candles are permitted when used with a base or a small plate.

Q. Is it possible to have a signature cocktail at the wedding?

A. Yes. We offer signature drinks, sold by batch (rather than individually). Each batch consists of 100 drinks and depending upon the type of cocktail, runs from $300 to $1000 per batch. Because our kitchen does not have professional-grade blenders we do not offer frozen drinks.

Q. We anticipate our final total will be between 100 and 110 guests. How many tables will that require? Also, how many people fit at each table?

A. For an event that size, we typically advise 10 to 11 tables and suggest seating 8 to 10 guests per table.

Q. Is it possible to have a rectangular head table instead of a round table at the reception for the wedding party?

A. Yes. We have 6’ and 8’ rectangular tables that may be used for the head table.

Q. Is there an outdoor sound system with microphone available for use on the patio during toasts and the first dance?

A. Yes. We have a wireless hand held microphone system for inside and outdoor use. We have a small patio mobile P/A system that may be used for background music and the first dance. These are included in the licensing fee and no rental is required.

Q. We want to play Spotify playlist from our iPad during dinner and our first dance. Does the Arts Club provide adapters or a connection to the speakers? I own wires that hook into the audio in/headphones will these wires work?

A. Yes. If your band or DJ is not a part of the initial event and you wish to use an iPad, Mp3, or iPod device for playing music during dinner or the first dance, we have the capability of connecting them to our house system. This is done with the headphone jack of the devices list above. To ensure exceptional sound, Please make sure to set this up with the manager well ahead of time so that we may familiarize ourselves with the operation and execution of your playlist and device.

Q. Our DJ requires a 6′ table and the photo booth needs a table large enough to accommodate a guest book and photo props. Is this an issue?

A. No, this is not an issue. We will provide at least two 6′ rectangle tables for DJ and photo booth set-up.

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